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Environmental Protection Policy

To protect the environment and conserve resources, in co-operation with all of Dansu's suppliers, and together with the relevant Danish environmental authorities. Procedures are in place to ensure the best possible use of raw materials and to minimise waste. The use of water and energy is controlled, and noise pollution has a high degree of interest.

The following measures have already been taken :
Materials used for production
Cotton : chlorine-free bleached cotton. Unused cotton is returned to supplier for recycling.
Cartons : contain up to 90% recycled material. Used cartons & paper are sent for recycling.
Glue : non-toxic, water soluble glue is used

Water minimisation
Water is used for cooling machines, in the form of a closed system with constant circulation.

Energy minimisation
Low energy bulbs replace ordinary light bulbs

Machines are protected to minimise the level of noise. Where a degree of noise is unavoid-able, screen walls have been established to protect the workers. Hearing protection is provided.

Production processes are planned to avoid waste. For example, hot runners are used on the extruding machines producing round/square boxes. Cotton dust is collected from production area by a closed extraction system. No dust is exhausted into the air outside the factory building. An oil separator on the air compressor collects used oil for destruction, and exhausts water (steam). All waste is separated into categories - recyclable waste, metal, burnable waste - and disposed of in a responsible manner.

Chemicals which are necessary for production and for cleaning are kept in a locked cupboard, with access only through the factory foreman. Instruction in the use of chemcials is given to all workers.