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About us

Company History


Dansu Trade Development A/S was established in 1980 by Dr. Danechi. As a surgeon he knew from his experience working in hospitals, both domestic and international hospitals, that most medical applicators used were imported from either the Far East or from USA. 

In 1983 he began production of medical applicators and cotton buds in Denmark by means of only one production machine. A few years later several fully automatic production machines were installed in order to keep pace with the increasing demand. Lack of production space, however, made an extension of the factory facilities necessary, and the solution was a division of the production of products:

The production of standard applicators and cotton buds for the consumer market continued in Dansu's factory in Denmark, while a new, modern factory was built in Switzerland, Applimed S.A. for the production of sophisticated applicators and disposable articles for hospitals and laboratories.

Dansu's factory area was increased in 1990, when the neighbouring building was purchased, thus doubling both production plant and office capacity.

Today Dansu has specialised in fully automatic production of all kinds of cotton buds and provides solutions for specific packs taylored to suit the customers' exact requirements in view of logo and text. Dansu also produces the plastic boxes for the cotton buds packagings, both round and square boxes PP and PS, thus providing for flexible solutions to meet the customers' specific requirements, using world-wide network for the development of better design  and processes for our customers.

Dansu is the leading supplier of cotton buds and safe buds (for baby care) to pharmacies and supermarket chains in Denmark, and these goods are also exported to pharmacies in other European countries.

Included in the group of companies in addition to Dansu and Applimed are also C.S.S.R., Switzerland, a sterilisation plant, Cotomed, France, a cotton manufacturing company, the latter securing stable deliveries of high-quality cotton for production of cotton buds and applicators, and finally Dansu-China Co. Ltd. in Ningbo, both manufacturing plant for special products as well as our direct connection to the Chinese sources and to the future Chinese market. All products produced within the group of companies are CE-marked.

Sasan Danechi, son of Dr. Danechi, is Managing Director of Dansu A/S.